Bookings & Enrolment Interview Guidelines



  • Only one booking can be made per enrolment.
  • Bookings must be made online and at least 48 hours before the date and time of the chosen appointment.
  • What will happen after I make my booking? An email notification will be sent to your chosen email address with your registration details and confirmation of the appointment date and time. You will also receive a link and code to complete your online subject selections which must be submitted before you attend your enrolment interview. Subject selections can be changed at your enrolment interview if necessary. Please keep reading to find out what to bring to your enrolment interview.
  • Appointment cancellations must be made online and at least 48 hours before the date and time of your chosen appointment. Keep reading to find out how to manage or cancel your appointment through your account.
  • Cancellations within 48 hours must be made by phone (03) 8862 4400
  • You can reschedule your appointment online by logging into your account and cancelling your appointment, once your appointment is cancelled you will be asked to book another appointment if required.
  • To manage your booking please click on the ‘Manage My Booking’ button below. Remember, your login details will be sent to you after you make a booking, however if you forget your password you can ‘Reset your Password here’.
  • For further assistance please phone the college (03) 8862 4400



The Enrolment Interview

Attend the enrolment interview at your appointed time.
Students attending an enrolment interview must be accompanied by their parent/s or guardian/s.
Please allow one hour for the entire interview process.  It is recommended that you arrive fifteen minutes before the interview time, at the General Office, to review paperwork and attend to other administrative details.
On arrival at the college for your interview you will be given a hard copy of the Student Enrolment Information Form to check and amend if necessary.


What to bring to the interview


  • Victorian Student Number (VSN). This can be obtained from your current school
  • If you are considering a VET program please bring in your Unique Student Identifier (USI).
  • Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) student number and Statement of
    Results (if applicable)
  • Proof of birth date e.g. birth certificate, passport, student card with photograph etc.
  • Most recent school reports
  • A copy of Year 9 NAPLAN results
  • Medicare Number
  • Doctor’s name, address and phone number
  • Name and phone number of an emergency contact person
  • Details of parents’/guardians’ occupations and work phone numbers
  • Lastly,  you will receive an email prior to your enrolment interview asking you to submit your subject selections online. Please ensure your subject selections are submitted before you attend your interview. Subject selections will be discussed during your interview and can be changed if required.

Confirmation of Enrolment
Upon a successful interview for enrolment payment for the Essential Education Items Part One and Part Two is required.

N.B. Please check the college’s website for updated information: