Q. Do students wear a uniform at Swinburne? 
A. No, there is no uniform, but students have the choice to purchase a school sweatshirt at a later date.


Q. Is there a dress code? 
A. Students are expected to dress comfortably in the clothing of their choice provided that normal standards of decency are applied. Students should wear sturdy footwear if they are in workshops, studios or the kitchen.


Q. What courses of study are offered by the college and VET?
A. The college offers a broad range of VCE studies as well as VCAL.


Q. Does the college offer Maths and Science studies? 
A. The college offers a comprehensive range of VCE Maths and Science Studies.


Q. Can students go to Swinburne University directly from the college. 
A. Students from Swinburne Senior Secondary College must apply through VTAC and qualify for University entrance in order to enter any University.


Q. Is the college affiliated with the Swinburne University ? 
A. We have no arrangements for priority entry to the University but our students may pay a small fee to use the University library and other facilities during their time at Swinburne Senior Secondary College .


Q. Is the college close to public transport? 
A. The college is a 5 minute walk from Glenferrie Station and the Glenferrie Road tram.


Q. What student Welfare support is provided by the college? 
A. The college has a Student Welfare Manager and Assistant Welfare Manager as well as visiting support staff. The college mentor system is designed to provide ongoing monitoring of students on an individual basis.


Q. Does the college have a careers counsellor? 
A. A careers/ pathways advisor is available for all students.


Q. What are the behavioural expectations of the students? 
A. Students are expected to follow the student code of conduct . All students will sign an enrolment agreement before beginning at the college.


Q. Do Swinburne students get good results? 
A. Swinburne students take advantage of many opportunities to achieve excellent results. Swinburne students are represented in a broad range of courses at all Universities and TAFE Colleges .


Q. How is the week structured at Swinburne Senior Secondary college? 
A. There are formal classes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday there are no formal VCE classes but students are free to pursue VET offerings and take advantage of the numerous Wednesday activities provided on campus. Some excursions take place on Wednesdays and teachers provide revision classes and individual tuition as required. The studios and library are open for students work on their folios and other projects. Students are actively encouraged and advised to use the facilities and services provided on Wednesdays at the college.