Swinburne Senior Secondary College – Enrolment 2018

The enrolment process is reasonably straight forward for students seeking Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)
and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) programs.

Please review all the information on this page before proceeding with your expression of interest for enrolment 2018.

*You must complete all 5 steps before we can process your application.

Note that the first round for VET certificate enrolments through the Inner Melbourne VET Cluster (IMVC) close on 17 October.
To enrol in VET through the IMVC follow the information in this link VET in Schools

Click me – Step 1: Complete the Expression of Interest Form

Complete the Expression of Interest form by accessing the form here. Continue to Step 1

The information provided on this form will be used as background information by the Year Level Manager at your interview.

Click me – Step 2: Contact the General Office

From Wednesday 6 September 2017 at 9:30am contact the General Office (8862 4400) to arrange an interview appointment.
Year 11 interviews will be conducted in term 4 and Year 12 interviews will commence towards the end of term 3.
At this stage you will be provided with further information regarding preparation for your interview via email.

*Special requests for an earlier interview can be discussed with the general office.

Click me – Step 3: Electronic Subject Selection

After you have confirmed your interview appointment with the general office you will receive an email with a website and webcode to complete your online subject selections for 2018.
Online subject selections will close at 9:00am Monday 27 November 2017. After this time you will make your subject selections during your enrolment interview.

Click me – Step 4: Attend the Enrolment Interview

Attend the enrolment interview at your appointed time.

Students attending an enrolment interview must be accompanied by their parent/s or guardian/s.

Please allow one hour for the entire interview process. It is recommended that you arrive ten minutes before the interview time, at the General Office, to review paperwork and attend to other administrative details.

On arrival at the college for your interview you will be given a hard copy of the Student Enrolment Information Form to check and amend if necessary.

What to bring to the interview
• Victorian Student Number (VSN). This can be obtained from your current school.
• Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) student number and Statement of Results (if applicable)
• Proof of birth date e.g. birth certificate, passport, student card with photograph etc.
• Most recent school reports
• A copy of Year 9 NAPLAN results
• Medicare Number
• Doctor’s name, address and phone number
• Name and phone number of an emergency contact person
• Details of parents’/guardians’ occupations and work phone numbers

Click me – Step 5: Confirmation of Enrolment

Upon a successful interview for enrolment payment for the Essential Education Items Part One and Part Two is required.

Successful applicants are given written confirmation that they have been enrolled at the college for 2018.

N.B. Please check the college’s website for updated information

Click me – A warm invitation to attend the following college events is extended to you.

College Play, “California Suite” by Neil Simon 17-20 May 7:00PM – School Cottage Theatre

Music Evening, 13 June 6:30PM – Dizzies Jazz Club

Music Evening, 20 June 6:30PM – Auditorium at the college

Careers Expo, 22 June 6:00PM Auditorium at the college

VCE Expo, August 31 Auditorium at the college

Music Evening, September 6:30PM – TBC

Music Evening, September 6:30PM – TBC

Open Day and Arts Show, October Swinburne Senior Secondary College – TBC

Swinnies Media Awards, October 6:00PM School Cottage Theatre – TBC

N.B. Please check the college’s website for updated information