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    VCAA guidelines stipulate that schools may approve Special Provisions and arrangements for both classroom learning and school-based assessments. Swinburne SSC students may be eligible for Special Provision due to a range of circumstances. Please note, the Wellbeing Team can exercise full discretion as to whether or not to grant Special Provision and as to what conditions to impose on the Special Provision if granted.

    Last day for submission for Semester 2: Friday 21 July 2023

    What is special provision:

    Special provisions are granted for ongoing conditions. They are modifications to standard school expectations that you have identified to be necessary for your client to manage their individual academic needs.

    Special provisions at Swinburne Senior Secondary can include the following:

    ● Attendance requirement adjustments (see below)

    ● Coursework changes (i.e. substituted tasks and/or modifications)

    ● Rest breaks during SACs (i.e. 5 minutes per 55 minutes of class time)

    ● Rest breaks during classes (i.e. 5 minutes per 55 minutes of class time)

    ● Access to a mobile phone (refer to Step 3)

    ● Other arrangements as may be deemed necessary

    NB: Special provisions are granted as a ‘safety net’ for a student. When a student wishes to utilise their special provisions they must request this from their teacher in advance.

    What Special Provision is Not:

    ● Extensions for sitting of SACs/SATs.

    ● Special Exam Arrangements (SEA). Please contact the College Coordinator for further information.

    Special Provisions – Redemption and Attendance Policy :

    Redemption Policy

    ● Special provision allows students up to 12 periods of absence (6 doubles) per subject per semester to manage their wellbeing circumstances without the requirement to redeem classes.

    ● Once a student misses more than 12 periods, they must start redeeming their classes.

    ● An absence note entered by a parent on Compass does not reduce the requirement for redemption nor does it increase the attendance allowance (see below). Absences due to illness or other medical issues are counted within the attendance allowance.

    Attendance Policy

    ● A Special Provision student who misses more than 20 periods in any subject per semester (equivalent to 5 weeks of schooling) will be withdrawn from the subject. This will take place even if a student has completed any or all redemption. This is because redemption relates to classes missed and NOT attendance.

    ● In these circumstances the school will then work with the student and their family to support them to complete their VCE over 3 or more years, and/or explore alternative pathways.

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    Note: Wellbeing may be required to contact the practitioner under certain circumstances to clarify details.
  • Please provide an outline, based on your professional opinion, as to the grounds for supporting Special Provision. PLEASE Note – students applying for special exam arrangements (SEA) may attach completed SEA Medical Statement (this however excludes mobile phone exemptions)
  • Please identify your recommendations for Special Provision for (please tick all that apply) (1) In accordance with the College’s ‘Attendance Policy’, if a student with special provision misses more than 20 class periods they will be removed from the relevant subject by Year Level Managers. This is regardless of the number of hours redeemed. (2) This does not include ‘non-negotiable coursework tasks set by the teacher. The student needs to negotiate any coursework modifications with their teacher.
  • Step 3:

    Use of mobile phones – In accordance with the Department of Education policy banning mobile phone use in all Victorian State schools from 2020, students may be granted an exemption based on the following grounds:

    ● health and wellbeing grounds, ● disability, ● learning difficulty. Practitioner/Professional: If supporting a request for an exemption to the Departments ‘mobile use policy’ please note down the grounds for the exemption in the field below, followed by a signature and date.

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